Monday, September 22, 2014

Rock It Out

                                                                  Dress: Alloy
                                                                 Shoes: Thrifted
                                                               Belt: Calvin Klein
                                                               Jacket: Thrifted

       As you saw Kimiya mention before the in-betweens of weather are a hard thing to dress! For me I just wanted to fall straight into Autumn! This dress was made for Spring, but hey I knew I could totally rock it out for Autumn. I decided to wear these awesome boots and chic jacket I thrifted at my local thrift store with the outfit, because I couldn't wait any longer to finally pull out my fall gear! And the belt I got from Calvin Klein made it look like Autumn threw up its magical goodness all over me! How do you feel about the in-betweens?


Sunday, September 21, 2014

The In-Betweens

                                                                            Top: H&M
                                                                    Shorts: American Eagle
                                                                         Wedges: Target

            As Fall days come closer and Summer slowly starts to slip away I find myself trying to hang onto any shred of short clothing possible, But with the weather in the in-betweens of warm and cold what's a girl to wear without completely going into full on Autumn wear! Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons out of the year and I'm totally prepared to break out all of my parkas and cardigans but for now while the weather stays in its constant in-between I think I'll stick to wearing long sleeves with shorts for a while!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Treasure Finds

           Have you ever had to explain something that just couldn't be explained in words? Like how much you love that Cara Delvigne is on the cover of Wmagazine and how much you want that dress she was wearing. You can't. It's simply impossible! A relationship like ours is like that Cara Delvigne cover; something that can't really be explained in words, but has to be seen to explain how much we care for each other, we'll try our hardest though. Our names are Kimiya and Julia. When we're together it's like having Dumb and Dumber in your presence except more fun, outgoing, and for the fact that we're girls and not guys. We're both city girls and alike in so many ways but when It comes to fashion we couldn't be more different. Kimiya is the girl who always has her head in a novel or a magazine! She is always on top of the latest fashion and makeup trends and dresses to impress everyday. Julia is more of a go with the flow kind of girl! She wears what she wants when she wants and doesn't care what anyone has to say about it! though are styles are different we thought it would be cool to make a blog together. so we did! Even though our blog is still at its beginning, with our personalities combined we know it'll take off some day! We're never away from each other, and if we are we still text/snapchat each other and it's almost like we were together in the first place. We bicker like a married couple but always end up laughing in the end! We love to have fun. Period. Sitting in the house and watching netflix, unless a new season of Hemlock Grove is out, is not our type of thing to do. We have a countless number of memories together like when I(Kimiya) got stuck in a clown house and, for the record, I hate clowns and I'm pretty sure this particular one was trying to kill me with its smile or the time we went to the state fair and Julia got stuck under a Ferris wheel. Julia is deathly afraid of Ferris wheels and anything with a height above two feet, and apart from feeling nauseous her self so was the person above us. All we can say is such a memory is something we all try to forget. We love to enjoy every moment and keep every memory like its a treasure, hopefully we can find more treasure with you!
                                                                  Kimiya and Julia