Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blurred Lines

        Homecoming, a night where every highschooler packs into a school gym and dances to the music from a DJ that's 'supposed' to play appropriate music, but I mean who does that any more! As songs changed from Anaconda to Baby Got Back all the way to My Kind Of Night by Luke Bryant. All I could remember was an abundance of selfies, a lot of laughing, dancing, and a bit too much twerking ( though I cant lie, I did twerk some myself!). All in all it was a great night and even better after, when I was able to lay in bed and get off my feet! With midterms coming up, and December break a teasing amount of time away, Homecoming is probably the last night i'll be able to stay up all the way till 11, yet if an invite to a good party were to arise i'm sure I could fit it into my schedule! Hope you had a great weekend!