Monday, September 22, 2014

Rock It Out

                                                                  Dress: Alloy
                                                                 Shoes: Thrifted
                                                               Belt: Calvin Klein
                                                               Jacket: Thrifted

       As you saw Kimiya mention before the in-betweens of weather are a hard thing to dress! For me I just wanted to fall straight into Autumn! This dress was made for Spring, but hey I knew I could totally rock it out for Autumn. I decided to wear these awesome boots and chic jacket I thrifted at my local thrift store with the outfit, because I couldn't wait any longer to finally pull out my fall gear! And the belt I got from Calvin Klein made it look like Autumn threw up its magical goodness all over me! How do you feel about the in-betweens?



  1. Gorgeous outfit, you look great! :)

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